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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have sustained an injury or are plagued by chronic pain, acupuncture could be the cure you’ve been looking for. You probably have a lot of questions about acupuncture. Dr. Jennifer Jiang is a state licensed acupuncturist. Please read the following typical FAQs.

One way to start is by simply asking around with your family, friends, people at work and so on.  Here in California, acupuncturists have been licensed by the state since 1979, so it's usually not that difficult to find a good word-of-mouth referral.

Yes, treatment can benefit any age. In geriatrics, we work with post-stroke victims, rheumatoid arthritis and recuperation after a fall or hospitalization.  In pediatrics, we treat hyperactivity, bedwetting, and growing pains. There are a great many conditions that can be treated with acupuncture and age isn't a concern.

- Pain Reduction: control and relief

- Female Problems: fibroids, infertility, heavy / painful periods

- Salivary Gland Cancer: post-op problems

- Stop Smoking

- Weight Loss

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